Atlantis Living

Master Plan

Atlantis Living - The 10-year Masterplan

With Atlantis, we will build new cities in beautiful locations around the world. Designed for togetherness, productivity, and health – Atlantis cities focus on remote workers who can work from anywhere.

Living and moving between countries and beautiful places has never been easier before. With one simple monthly rate ranging from $500 - $1.300, you can freely move between Atlantis cities around the world, while an apartment and many other things are taken care of for you. Arriving in a new Atlantis city feels like coming home, with an open- and like-minded community welcoming for you – anywhere in the world.

The global problem we are going to solve? Urbanization.

Our overarching mission is to solve the problem of overpriced and overpopulated cities around the world, while at the same time rural areas suffer from tremendous depopulation. Despite these obvious problems, we will also confront the growing feeling of loneliness and insignificance among residents of larger cities.

Why now? The future is remote.

All over the world, there is an emerging trend of a new generation of digital nomads, remote workers, and freelancers. At the current growth rate, freelancers are expected to become the U.S. workforce majority by 2027. That also means a growing amount of people become more free and flexible to choose where they want to live – not where their company needs them to live.

The 3 step masterplan.

Things that need to happen to make Atlantis reality:

1.) Offer a superior alternative to urban areas in smaller villages

One of the critical points we must understand is why people actually want to live in pricey and populated cities, where especially rental prices are eating the biggest chunk of monthly income. Of course, there can be plenty of reasons besides job opportunities. At the same time, we found plenty of reasons why there can exist a better alternative for certain people.

We identified the ideal profile for first stage Atlantis citizen as follows:

  • Able to work remote for at least three months.
  • Likes to combine traveling, productive work and meeting new people.
  • Excited about living in a strong and supportive community.

At Atlantis, our core values will be a strong, prospering community and maintaining a productive and healthy lifestyle. The first “wave” will be a three-month cycle at a beautiful smaller village. The journey starts with carefully selected applicants that will move into different houses with their own rooms for desired privacy, but also several spacious common rooms for co-living, events, and a productive working environment with high-speed internet. After these three months, you can either stay or move on to the next Atlantis location, for example, to experience a new country. By extending smaller villages we ensure to build on a local and culturally enriching environment, while still maintaining a strong community of like-minded people. By being part of this first step, you are pioneering the way to the second step in our masterplan.

2.) Grow the network of Atlantis cities in beautiful places worldwide

To maximize the benefit for Atlantis citizens there must be a variety of beautiful locations all around the world. With one flat fee, one can freely move between these cities while being certain that a fully furnished co-living room or apartment with a great community is awaiting – without any extra costs besides the monthly plan. Welcome to part two of our masterplan. After part one set the ground it is now all about further increasing the value for Atlantis citizens and working towards the vision of cities all over the world. That means in more detail:

  • Existing cities will increase in capacity and we help local entrepreneurs to build and expand businesses or places the community wants.
  • Adding new cities to beautiful destinations around the world.
  • Providing more convenient services such as gym subscriptions and community gym classes, health insurance, accounting services, worldwide-valid mobile contracts, job offerings for remote workers, Visa support, Wi-Fi airport bus pick-ups and community weekend trips or events to explore the country and nearby metropolis.

By that time our community and citizens reached a size that enables us to move on to part three of our masterplan.

3.) Build new cities and shape the future of humanity

We reached a point where Atlantis cities have established strong communities all over the world. Atlantis citizens can move more freely than ever before between cities and countries. We are now able to tackle our urban master plan to build new cities from scratch, tailored to the needs of a modern and connected society with all sustainable development goals considered. These new cities will be self-sustaining, carbon-neutral and adaptive to climate change. At this point, Atlantis cities will no longer only be attractive for remote workers but also enable a more settled lifestyle for families and citizens who reached a different stage in their life. In the words of Amanda Burden who worked for the New York State Urban Development Corporation: “A successful city is like a fabulous party. People stay because they are having a great time.” If you want to dive deeper in that step three of our masterplan we highly recommend a TED talk by Bjarke Ingels where he presents one possible version for these cities of the future:

In short, our masterplan is:

  1. Offer a superior alternative to urban areas in smaller villages
  2. Grow the network of Atlantis cities in beautiful places worldwide
  3. Build new cities and shape the future of humanity